The school follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The RAD launched their new syllabus in 2009. The Philosophy behind the syllabus is that it is designed to develop appropriate and sound technique, relevant for ballet today. It is fun to learn and rewarding to teach. The syllabi will help develop:

Motor development and  expressiveness


Awareness of balance, control and co-ordination

Awareness and appreciation of different styles of music

Encourages children to be creative and imaginative working with props

Social interaction with each other



From 18 months -3 years. Non syllabus class using props and imagination as an introduction to ballet. Parents or carers accompany the child and are responsible for them during the class. It is a fun and relaxed class and enjoyable to do together.  


Non-syllabus class using props such as ribbons, feathers and fairy wands to encourage children to express themselves and help with co-ordination. The foundations of RAD ballet are being taught and the children will learn the basics of turnout, posture and the basic classical ballet principles in a fun way. Children come into the studio on their own and parents come to watch the class at the end of term. Ideal starting age is rising 3’s. Children also have the option of being in our biennial show at The Elgiva Theatre in Chesham from this age upwards.


Non syllabus class leading on from First Steps, still uses props and imagination but has more structure and the children are taught formations i.e. circles, lines rather than free use of space. Ideally children will start Preparatory ballet in the September they start school and due to it being similar to First Steps it is an easy transition to  During the spring term, around February Half term,  RAD Pre-primary will be introduced and the class will change to:



This is the first RAD syllabus class. Teaching becomes more repetitive as the syllabus is taught building on the foundations that have been laid down in the previous classes. Once the children are ready and have had their 5th Birthday they can be entered for a class award assessment here at Nanfans with an examiner and move up to RAD Primary and the RAD Grades that follow thereafter.


Classes all follow the RAD syllabus. Students have the option of taking exams which take place here at the school with an examiner from the RAD.

Diane creates warm, fun, inclusive and inspiring lessons for my daughter in the very beautiful setting of Nanfans Grange. All is done without lots of pressure or panic as Diane shares her genuine love of ballet with the children. We are so happy we found this dance school.